Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Need of Plan B

Wouldn'cha know...  I was all ready to extoll the virtues of freshly picked strawberries, still warm from the sun, but even the best laid plans sometimes go awry.    

Westley is still recovering from his tonsilectomy and needed a three-hour nap during prime picking time.  I would ordinarily be so grateful for it.  Ooh, I could do so much in three hours!  All the laundry, organize all the old files in the basement, scrub the mudroom, read a book.  But, since it is summer (another thing I would ordinarily be grateful for) with all the kids out of school, Westley's invalid state leaves us with nothing much to do but gaze at the gorgeous day happening outside without us.

In short, we did not go berry picking yesterday.  And, I have no photos.  Ugh.

Sometimes we just need a Plan B.  If anyone has a universal Plan B that I could keep in my pocket for grumpy days, please share it.  I would be most eager to accept it.

It's so easy to get caught up in our own expectations, an issue we struggle with rather cyclicly at home.  Somebody has an idea for how their time should be spent, like a having a sleepover in a tent or being the star little league pitcher or growing amazing bell peppers.  When it doesn't work out, we can get all upset about it and our brain just shuts off.  We forget that when a door closes, a window often opens.  So busy are we throwing a fit over what might have been that we don't even notice the swirling zephyr from that window blowing lightly on our faces.  Our ruined expectations leave us grumpy and closed.

I can't say we had the most exciting day of the summer; We remained eager to get outside.  But, we managed with our evolving Plan B.  Brenner and Maddie spent the afternoon making houses for their "Go-Gos" (anyone with young kids might know these) out of those miniature plastic baseball caps used for sundaes at the ice cream parlor.  Gabi just played Wii, and maybe a child needs some down-time once in a while.  When Westley woke up we went for a swim in Luba's pool then out for frozen yogurt.

As good fortune would have it, we discovered that our friends The Parkers also had to delay their plans to go picking.  It turns out, we are both now planning on going to Jones Family Farm at the same time!  How serendipitous!

I am thankful for blessings in disguise, and I wish for the clarity of mind to notice them when they happen.

By the way, if anyone has a really terrific strawberry jam recipe...

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