Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybe I'll Just Buy A Tomato Plant

At first, I thought it was just a minor delay.  The miniature plants I had nurtured from seeds on my windowsill were following their own growth curve, kinda like my middle son Brenner.  One of these days I would find yellow blossoms playing dot-to-dot amongst the widening leaves, and I would finally have homegrown tomatoes.  Really, I would!

Except, I think I must be a tomato monster because the stunted growth of my six plants can no longer be attributed to anything but ineptitude on my part.  I have to admit it so I can learn what I'm doing wrong with them and try again.  The most basic of garden veggies, and it's just not working for me.

It's no surprise that it's been a wet spring here in the Northeast, and tomatoes are not moisture lovers.  Yes, they need water.  They just don't like all that water sitting around.  I'd like to blame my tomato problem on the rain, then. Whew!  It's not me.  Good.

Oh, but wait!  Boris and Luba have giant tomato plants.  And, that pretty girl Blair from the Farmer's Market says her tomatoes are taking over.  The dreary, wet accumulation hasn't stopped their tomatoes. Hmph.

Maybe it's the pots my struggling little guys are in.  I've propped them up so they can drain, but I wonder if it's just not working.  Chad has suggested putting a couple two-by-fours under my line of pots to see if that helps.  Or, I could transplant them into the beds once I pluck the vegetation somewhere.  The radishes are nearly all harvested now, so that might be a good place.  (At least, the radishes have been wonderful!)

Truth be told, my very organized garden just doesn't have enough bed-space.  I would really like to expand the whole thing;  Give everything some ground to take root in and to stretch out a bit.  Maybe I'll still be a tomato monster, but it's worth a try.  In the meantime, I will go out into this morning's drizzle and pluck the sugar snap peas (which are also thriving, thank goodness).  And, maybe I'll just buy a tomato plant.

If anyone has tips for tomatoes, I'm all ears...

I really, really, really wish to save my tomato plants and to see them grow big and healthy and delicious.

I am thankful that the supermarket is available if I simply must have a tomato.


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  2. Hey, Jennie! I am loving your blog. Just got caught up tonight. Check out this website for a really cool system for container gardening. My mom, sister and I all made them last year and the results are amazing. We each grew tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. My mom also did corn and beans. Once the system is built, which I did almost by myself (needed Dad's help with the power tools), it is fully reusable year after year. My plants this year are doing just great. The pictures on the website are totally legit. My sister had six-foot tomato plants, easily. I had cucumbers galore off just one itty bitty plant. And you could certainly start from seed inside beforehand. Loving your recipes too!
    Dawn (Boche) Gelking

  3. Hey Dawn! Good to hear from you. It's been a crazy week, so not much time to write, but I'm so glad you've enjoyed so far. I'm finally getting some tomatoes, but I gotta think it can be done better than my scraggly little bushes. I'll definitely check out your container system and see if that works. Thanks for the tip! And, corn is next on my list to grow. I'm so happy that so many years after high school, I'm connecting with old friends about gardening. How cool is that?!