Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking Ten

Some days just shouldn't happen.  It's not even because there's something wrong with the day or what needs to get done;  It's just that, sometimes, a person needs a break.  For me, this break comes in the form of my favorite subjects... gardening and food.  (Did you think I was going to say NASCAR and scrapbooking?)

For the last several days I have been very busy and haven't made it out to the garden.  Nor have a spent much time in the kitchen. No, I can't claim I'm busier than anyone else - I've just had a sort of constant flow of to-do items.  And, I've woken up each morning with butterflies in my stomach related to nothing I can clearly discern.  I've tried to ease those queasy feelings by ticking items off my list and have done a decent job of it, but I still haven't felt quite right.

A connection?  I think so.  I've abandoned the care of my little patch of heaven so I can tend to the busy world around me, and I believe both the garden and my self have paid the price.  Instead of just taking ten minutes out of each day to maintain the fundamentals, I've made it an all or nothing proposition: either spend the whole day doing what I love, or don't do it at all!  I forget that those ten minutes, standing over the sprouting greenery with a hose, clears my mind and lets me go about my day with serenity.

I'd like to say today won't happen, that the kids will magically get themselves to and from school, that this blog will write itself, and I can hang out outside all day... but life doesn't work that way.  Things need to get done, and I'm the one to do them.  But, I am going to leave this post short, slide on my clogs, and take those ten minutes now.

I will, however, post my nephew Matthew's stellar blueberry muffin recipe.  You'll never go back to store-bought mini-muffins again!

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